🎮Entry for Weekly Game Jam #201 - Bad Connection (Theme)🎮


The Lunar mission was successful in landing. But a Solar Flare nearly wiped out the entire crew and sent the lander into the orbit. Fortunately, Sam has survived, but is unconscious. His life supply has suffered serious damage and is leaking oxygen. Something needs to be done before it's too late.

One of the engineers from Earth station proposed the biggest and only gamble possible now - connect to his suit and use the oxygen leak to propel him to the lander.

"Can you do it?" Asks the director.

Everything is up to you now! This is no time for caution or doubts.


1. Use the buttons on the console to transmit movement data to suit. There seems to be a 1ms delay in reaching and executing the commands by the suit. Keep this in mind.

2. Every move consumes extra oxygen.

3. The umbilical life support is a clue to where the lander is. But do not wander, the cord is not of infinite length.

4. If transmission fails, change the comms channel frequency and see if it is back up.

5. Try not to hit any debris, zero gravity makes it unpredictable to anticipate what happens next.



1. Events and Delegates

2. Scriptable Objects

3. Pixel art (n00b)

Thanks for playing and hope you enjoy it!

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